A calendar month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student or payment of fee for one term will be charged in lieu thereof. Fees of vacations and holidays shall be inclusive, if withdrawal coincides with any vacation.

No Transfer Certificate (TC) will be issued unless all school dues and other relevant arrears have been paid in full. Library books, school official badges etc., must also be returned to the office.

Those who want a countersigned T.C should apply well on time.

For countersigning the T.C. we send it to CISCE Board Delhi. It takes almost a month. It depends on the busy schedule of the Board and the post.

Therefore your T.C. may come back before one month or after a month or after a month. The school will not be responsible and can be held responsible for any delay.

All due fees should be paid including the T.C. charges with the application for the T.C.

For K. G. section T.C. will be given after 7 days from the day of your application.

School office will remain closed from 6th May to 15 June. During this period no official work will be done in the school office.

When you apply for T.C. the following rule will apply to pay the school fee April 1-10 No fee, April 11-30th – you pay one month school fee, May 1-06 you pay 2 months fee 15th June onwards you pay 1st Quarter fee.